4 Ways Process Automation Can Boost Remote Team Productivity

Eliminate Unnecessary Busy Work

  • Zapier, for example, has several plugins that can send automated alerts to Slack or your communication tool of choice anytime a Google Sheet is updated.
  • These subtle automation hacks might seem simple, but they can really add up over the course of a week.
Trigger automated workflows for your routine tasks with Zapier

Make Meetings More Productive

Use Zapier to send automatic reminders of upcoming events

Never Forget to Follow Up

  • Automatically send yourself reminders at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Send a customised email whenever a new Sharepoint list item is added.
  • Easily request or grant approval on changes to specific types of files.
Create automated workflows for all of your favourite applications with Microsoft Power Automate

Reduce Redundancy

  • Keep action items in specific places, such as a dedicated project management board or Slack channel.
  • Agree from the outset to document all follow-up in that channel.
  • Agree upon a dedicated notetaker during every meeting, and ensure your team has an easily accessible repository of action-items.
Search from hundreds of Pre-configured Flow templates

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Send GIFs to your colleagues with Giphy for Slack



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